Viva Las Vegas! MLS expansion team set for Sin City?

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With Major League Soccer expanding to 24 teams, the final spot could be allocated to a Las Vegas team after stadium plans have already been revealed.

According to a report by Ray Brewer in the Las Vegas Sun today, Las Vegas could be set to welcome a MLS franchise in the coming years.

Stadium plans have been revealed by Findlay Sports & Entertainment and The Cordish Companies today which aim to build a 24,000-seated stadium in downtown Vegas at Symphony Park.

Photo: An artist's portrayal of what the stadium could look like

Photo: An artist’s portrayal of what the stadium could look like

MLS Deputy Commissioner and President, Mark Abbott has confirmed that talks are ongoing about the possibility of a Vegas team filling the final spot.

“We recently met with Justin Findlay and Blake Cordish at the MLS League office in New York and were very impressed with their vision to pursue building a new soccer stadium and acquiring an MLS expansion club for Las Vegas.”

“We look forward to continuing discussions as they work to further develop their plans with Mayor Goodman and the City of Las Vegas,” Abbott added.

There is much debate surrounding who should get the 24th spot in MLS, with Minneapolis, San Antonio and San Diego just a few of the areas looking to host a franchise in the rapidly growing world of Major League Soccer.

New York City and Orlando City join the league next season, with Atlanta joining in 2017. David Beckham is still working on plans to develop his Miami franchise, and they are expected to join before 2020.

Fifteen years ago today, the first MLS stadium opened in the form of Columbus’ Crew Stadium and now we are looking at 24 teams soon to be playing in the fastest growing sports league on Earth.

Justin Findlay, managing partner of Findlay Sports & Entertainment believes Vegas have a good chance of getting the elusive 24th spot, but recognises that there is so much competetion.

“It will be a race to see who can put the best package together, a lot of people are vying for the last spot.”

If Vegas are awarded with the final spot, it will certainly be a fantastic away trip for fans, but there will be concerns that the team will not generate enough interest on a local level, with so much to see in Vegas already.

Who do you think deserves to get the 24th spot in MLS?


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2 Comments on Viva Las Vegas! MLS expansion team set for Sin City?

  1. If MLS were a winter league then great – the heat is beyond brutal there in the summer so it would have to be an indoor venue to work and boo on that proposal. We don’t need any more turf fields in the league.

  2. Excellent point Clay, the heat will really be an issue for the majority of the season. Can only assume that they would set their home games for late in the evening, though it won’t be much cooler!

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