Will USA win the World Cup before England secure a second?

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As of this moment in time, the USMNT are in a better position to win the World Cup than England.

This is mainly down to the infrastructure that Jurgen Klinsmann has installed within US soccer, as well as the regulations within MLS that promote youth development.

There will be many that argue MLS is weaker than the English Premier League, and that the standard of individuals within the English national team are better than the Americans – and they’re probably right.

But from a tactical and physical standpoint, the USA are far better.

In Brazil, England got it horribly wrong, playing three of their four strikers in all three, group games. This may have worked if they had a world-class defensive midfielder – which Roy Hodgson didn’t have at his disposal, and if the wide players could defend – Wayne Rooney couldn’t do it all that well when played on the left.

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USA on the other hand approached each game with caution and confidence in their ability to defend. Their counter-attacking system became a thing of beauty as they pushed heavyweights like Germany, Portugal and Belgium all the way.

Going forward, US soccer has great prospects coming through and the younger players like DeAndre Yedlin and John Anthony Brooks look set to shine from this moment forward.

The blaring difference within English football is the game time given to young prospects. For example, by the time most players turn 21 in England, they have spent most of their professional career out on loan in lower divisions. Whereas, at 20, Yedlin has had ample game time and is looking set to play as an All-Star in MLS next month.

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US soccer will only get stronger and finally has a clear direction in which to head under Jurgen Klinsmann. England, on the other hand, is still unclear if their senior players can handle the pressure on the biggest stage.

Realistically, England has the best league in the world and some world-class talent, but the national side have yet to develop a system and a playing style that can allow them to reach their potential.

US soccer has the resources and the athletes to eventually win a World Cup. We estimate it will take another ten years before they can really challenge, but this looks like a much shorter timescale than the one English football has, even if the FA have set the goal of winning the tournament in 2022.

Will USA win a World Cup before England?

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