UK TV coverage must increase for MLS to thrive abroad

Major League Soccer is continuing to grow at a rapid rate, and plenty of football fans in the UK are having their heads turned by the growth of soccer in the US.

The playoffs are fast approaching, and the post-season games this year should be the most watched in the history of the league, but there is still so much more than can be done in the UK to increase the popularity of MLS.

Television coverage in the UK is not good enough at the moment, and although BT Sport show some of the action from across the pond, soccer on the big screen in Britain gets nowhere near as much coverage as leagues across Europe get.

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The kick-off times for many matches make it difficult to attract large audiences, yes, but that does not mean that regular games cannot be screened live.

MLS in America has been given a major TV boost stateside as the new television deal that was announced earlier this season is reportedly worth an estimated $90 million per year – three times more than the previous deal.

Major League Soccer is undoubtedly here to stay, and the league will continue to grow, both in terms of teams and in terms of viewing figures around the globe, and UK fans deserve better coverage.

A weekly highlights show is a must. Match of the Day attracts millions of viewers in Britain every week to watch highlights from across the Premier League, and many European leagues have highlights shows on either Sky Sports or BT Sports through the week to keep fans updated with everything that’s going on.

With Frank Lampard set to start his MLS career with New York City FC in March, more UK football fans will start paying attention to the league, but it must be easier to do so.

The NFL is rapidly growing in popularity in Britain, and a weekly highlights show on Channel 4 keeps fans up to date with all the action in the most simple way possible, and MLS deserves to be treated the same way from next year.

BT Sport are more than likely to retain MLS coverage next year, and a weekly highlights show would go a long way to helping the league gain more and more fans from the other side of the pond.

Does Major League Soccer need a weekly highlights show in the UK?


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