Jurgen Klinsmann: MLS is critical to future success of USMNT

The ongoing debate surrounding Jurgen Klinsmann and Major League Soccer is showing no signs of letting up but the USMNT coach insists that MLS is crucial for the growth of the National Team.

It was revealed yesterday that Klinsmann and his surrogates are persuading promising US youngsters at MLS academies to play in Europe instead of in the USA.

Though Klinsmann was quoted as saying that it depends on the individual as some players will develop better in MLS.

“You have to look at every situation individually and help the player to determine what is best for himself,” he said.

“There are a lot of parts to the picture, things like the player’s ability, what his support structure is like, his past experiences, and his mentality and goals. Some kids would benefit from the environment in Europe, while others are best suited to continue their growth in MLS.

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“There’s no one right answer that applies to all players, and each player’s circumstances change over time.”

His recent battle with MLS Commissioner Don Garber over comments labelled as “detrimental” to the league have made it seem as though the German manager has little time for Major League Soccer.

However, in his programme notes ahead of USA vs Colombia game at Craven Cottage on Friday night, Klinsmann made it clear that MLS is crucial for the development of US Soccer.

“There is no question that the growth of MLS is critical to the future success of the National Team. The league has made huge strides and continues to improve on the field every year. For the individual player they must follow their own path,” he said.



“Overall everything is just growing. There is so much excitement around the sport. MLS will have 20 teams next year, and most of them will be in stadiums built specifically for them.



“Television ratings and attendance at games are at all-time highs. The media has taken a much larger interest, as have sponsors, so all these things add up to a sport on the rise.”

Klinsmann watched his side lose 2-1 late on against Colombia at Craven Cottage on Friday night but the USMNT put in another spirited display despite defeat.

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Major League Soccer is continuing to rise and the quality of player emerging out of clubs will only improve as a result.

The next step will be convincing talented youngsters to remain in MLS, and the league must continue on the path it is on at the moment if they are to do so.

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