What is the latest situation with David Beckham’s Miami MLS expansion team?

Back in February, David Beckham announced plans to open a new franchise and still maintains that he will be able to bring an MLS team to Miami, as does business partner Marcelo Claure who echoed these ambitions.

“Even with all the problems that we’ve had with Miami politics when it comes to stadiums, I believe that we are in the final stages of making some important announcements, because it’s a very important goal for me that Miami has a soccer team,” he said.

Claure resides in Miami and also owns the Bolivian soccer team Bolivar. He’s been working alongside Beckham since it became apparent that he was interested in setting up an expansion team.


The project hasn’t been without its setbacks as local politicians have already rejected two of the stadium venues proposed, but Beckham said his team will continue to look for sites.

MLS commissioner Don Garber said, “this can’t go on forever – the Beckham group continues to work to try and find a stadium solution that they believe will put them in a position to succeed.”

Commentator Richard Fleming has also raised concerns and said, “time is running out for David Beckham – the league is aiming for 24 teams and others are queuing up, so Miami and the former England captain had better get a move on.”

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A spokesperson for Miami Beckham United said, “Miami is still David’s number one choice and it will happen. The fans and the people of Miami are behind us and we hope to announce some positive and exciting news soon. The reality is that everything is progressing very well.”

We await further updates on the situation, but it’s unlikely that there will be any developments until the new year now.

Will David Beckham be able to bring an MLS team to Miami?


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