Steve McManaman labels West Brom defender as ‘dishonest’ after Man City loss

Former Liverpool and Real Madrid star Steve McManaman brandished West Brom’s Craig Dawson as “dishonest”, while working as a pundit for BT Sport, after the defender failed to admit he was the one who committed a foul.

Gareth McAuley was wrongly sent off in the second minute by referee Neil Swarbrick during the Premier League defeat to Manchester City on Saturday – a decision that has sparked huge debate.

In a discussion during the post-match analysis, both Steve McManaman and David James argued about Dawson’s lack of admission.

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When asked if the referee is to blame for the incident, James said, “allow the referee to be human and make a mistake, and then we’ll talk about it afterwards.”

McManaman went on to suggest that Dawson should have approached the referee and admitted that he committed the foul. The confusion comes as to what offence the referee is brandishing the card for.

Wilfried Bony was brought down by Dawson outside the box and then tackled inside the box by McAuley in the same series. Yet the referee gave a free kick outside the box and sent off McAuley.

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But should Craig Dawson have admitted he was at fault? If the ban is rescinded, both Dawson and McAuley will avoid a suspension, so maybe not owning up has benefitted West Brom.

This isn’t the first time this type of incident has happened, as Wes Brown was wrongly sent off for a foul on Manchester United striker Radamel Falcao at Old Trafford a few weeks ago when referee Roger East should have sent off John O’Shea instead.

Arsenal fans will also remember the time when Kieran Gibbs was sent off instead of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain at Stamford Bridge in March 2014.

But should the guilty player involved admit to his foul? Should Craig Dawson have admitted the foul, and should referees be allowed to use footage to assist in officiating?

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4 Comments on Steve McManaman labels West Brom defender as ‘dishonest’ after Man City loss

  1. I believe Refs are only human and mistakes can be made. I’m a West Brom fan and I think the only reason Dawson didn’t own up was because play continued and the whistle wasn’t heard, McAuley then fouled Bony inside the area, and this is where the confusion comes into play, instead off giving a free kick a penalty should off been awarded and McAuley sent off end of story. the Red card was shown and McAuley shown the card you can see him saying it wasn’t me but the ref didn’t want to know, maybe Dawson should off said something when he realised the ref had given a free kick but by that time the decision had been made. Tony Pulis was furious and appalled as they went off at halftime. it’s a shame it happening as I thought WBA could of gotten something out of this game, oh well still 9 to go. Boing Boing.

    • I also watched the game and I’m not convinced that McAuley fouled Bony inside the box. That’s why he gave a free kick. He just failed to send off the wrong man. It’s happening too often that refs are making mistakes like this. Footage should be used to help the officials.

  2. Bob Carolgees // March 22, 2015 at 11:00 AM // Reply

    Regardless what Dawson could say the ref cannot change his decision based on that because of the possibility of cheating.

  3. I support West Brom and Dawson should have owned up I would have really laid into him after the match, you just dont walk away like that.

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