Spurs legend claims Ryan Mason as good as £35m City star

Glenn Hoddle believes that Tottenham midfielder Ryan Mason is just as good a player as Manchester City‘s Brazilian ace, Fernandinho and doesn’t feel there is enough of an English feel to the Premier League‘s top sides.

Speaking in his column for the Daily Mail, Hoddle has questioned the modern day approach of scouring both coaching and playing talent from abroad and thinks we need to look closer to home.

No Premier League clubs have made the quarter-finals of this season’s UEFA Champions League and Hoddle alludes to the fact that there were just five Englishmen in the Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester City lineups combined in the round of sixteen second-leg ties.

There were just two Englishmen in the Manchester City starting lineup in their 1-0 loss at Barcelona on Wednesday night. Brazilian midfielder Fernandinho started that game, but Hoddle questions whether he is any better than Spurs man Ryan Mason, who has only broke into the first team this season.

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“There will always be room for the best imports. But you can’t tell me Fernandinho is a better player and better prospect than Ryan Mason,” Hoddle said.

“They do a similar job, the only difference being he is a £35 million transfer and therefore deemed worthy of a place at a top-four club.”

Fernandinho joined City from Shakhtar Donetsk on a four-year deal in June 2013 and earns around £100,000 per week. By contrast, Mason is on about £25,000 per week after signing a new five-and-a-half year deal in January, but how do the two compare statistically?

Stats: A look at how Ryan Mason and Fernandinho compare this season (Stats via Squawka)

Stats: A look at how Ryan Mason and Fernandinho compare this season (Stats via Squawka)

The City man has scored one more goal than Mason this season and has also created more chances with superior passing accuracy.

But the emerging Spurs star has one more assist and has registered more shots and successful tackles per game than Fernandinho.

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There is little to choose between the pair and that only strengthens Hoddle’s argument. This year’s European performances have been poor from English clubs but English players are not to blame as they’re not getting enough chances.

“The Premier League may be failing but it’s not its Englishness letting it down,” Hoddle added.

“So now that a huge influx of global thinking and talent at both executive and playing level at football clubs has failed, perhaps we can rethink the premise that we need to keep bringing in players and directors from abroad.”

What do you make of Hoddle’s comments? Is Mason as good as Fernandinho? And do Premier League clubs need to bring more English players through?

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3 Comments on Spurs legend claims Ryan Mason as good as £35m City star

  1. Hmm, I’m a spurs fan and its excellent seeing home grown talent, I don’t claim to know the inns and outs but I do keep up and am always reading, watching and talking about spurs, through the bad and good I’ve been a spurs fan for 28 years, so through this ive looked at what sort of player works for spurs. At this present time I think that most of the players are doing their job and enjoying some good football but why compare? Ryan mason is a top footballer but so is every professional footballer – even the ones that dont perform! Mason works for spurs and I believe he could be a long lasting player that goes down in history like Scholes, giggs etc if not further but like Kane the opposition is what matters and they are very good at what they do but this based in form at this time and as a fan it cant be a desperate attempt to find a star.. If this time next year its the same then Il say he’s as good as most center midfielders via 3 or 4.. Untill them Il just enjoy the ride and football with positive vibes all the way

  2. SpursJames // March 23, 2015 at 3:50 PM // Reply

    Im a spurs fan but hoddles talking out his arse!

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