Arsenal Invincible says Premier League refs are ‘worst he’s seen’

Former Arsenal star Ray Parlour believes the standard of refereeing in the Premier League this season is the worst he has seen.

Talking on ‘The Morning View’ on Sky Sports News on Monday, Parlour was asked about the need for video technology to aid referees.

“The only reason we’re talking about this is because there have been such bad performances by referees this season,” Parlour said.

He went on to add that the standard of officiating is “probably the worst I’ve seen in a season”. A very bold claim when you consider that he spent twelve years playing for Arsenal and has been following Premier League football for 23 years now.

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PHOTO: Referee Neil Swarbrick sent off the wrong man in Saturday’s Premier League game between Manchester City and West Bromwich Albion.

He did, however, give a brief reason as to why the standard has dropped: “Look, maybe it’s tougher now. Maybe it’s tougher to keep an eye on everything, maybe the game is quicker now.

“The standard of refereeing has definitely gone down. There’s too many mistakes, and that’s crucial for clubs.”

The comments made by Parlour come after UEFA general secretary, Gianni Infantino suggested there is no need for video technology to be introduced.

“There would be no mistaken identity if you had the additional assistant referees, because they will see immediately what happens and can rectify all decisions,” said Infantino. “It is easy to say technology is needed.

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“It seems easy to call for technology as soon as you see an action that seems a bit controversial. It depends on which team you support; you have a different point of view. I think what is needed is an appropriate debate as well on this topic.

“What does it mean? What are we speaking about here? Technology is already in football with goalline technology.

“But, for everything else, it’s very much a judgement question for the referee – and has to remain with the referee as well in the future.”

Well what does it mean?

If the standard of refereeing in Premier League is dropping, surely actions should be taken to improve the officiating? Especially when there is technology available that will help.


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