Don Garber gives fresh encouragement to MLS expansion hopefuls

MLS Commissioner Don Garber has given fresh encouragement to prospective MLS franchise St. Louis by branding it as having a “great soccer market”.

Garber has met with public officials and business leaders in St. Louis to discuss the possibility of a new franchise being based in the city. Although he made it abundantly clear that any franchise would not happen before 2020.

“This is a city that just loves the sport and has so many people committed to it,” Garber told the St.Louis Post Dispatch on Tuesday. He went on to say: “We really hope to work with them.

“This is a soccer town. We’ve never been able to even think hard about a real opportunity to be here. We’ve got a lot of work to do before we get here. But we think that there is a possibility. And that is really what today’s all about. It’s our first fact-finding mission.

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“Right now, we know there are three things that matter: A strong, passionate soccer city – this certainly is. A great stadium plan – there’s an interesting one being developed. And I think there will be no shortage of people who will be interested in owning a team.”

St. Louis looks increasingly likely to join MLS at some point and it seems that Commissioner Garber is very much open to having an expansion franchise based there.

Would you like to see an MLS expansion franchise in St. Louis? 


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