Emmanuel Adebayor reveals he was ‘ready to commit suicide’

Tottenham‘s Emmanuel Adebayor has been sharing his life stories on Facebook in recent weeks and in his latest post, the Togo international has revealed that he was “ready to commit suicide” at times in his past.

Adebayor has always emphasised how important family is to him and he’s certainly a player who has been through a lot in his career.

His posts on Facebook reveal what he has experienced since leaving Togo at the age of 15 and his latest statements reveal he considered suicide on multiple occasions.

“Many times I wanted to give up,” Adebayor said in his latest post. “Ask my sister Iyabo Adebayor how many times I have called and was ready to commit suicide? I kept these stories for years. But If I die, no one would know my story, no one would learn from it.

“Some people say I should keep these stories private, but someone has to sacrifice himself; someone has to talk about it. I know people would relate to my story and others would learn from it. For every one who knows me, I’d do anything for my country and my people.”

Adebayor explained how his older brother has made his life a burden after he has “decided to talk about our family issues on social medias, through letters to my club, radios etc”.

The 31-year-old Spurs striker went on to reveal that his brothers had even held a knife to his throat over money issues when he was at Monaco.

“Another day, after training, I was very tired and decided to go take a nap. I woke up and a knife was held to my throat.

As I opened my eyes, both of my brothers were there. They were shouting and they claimed that I was wasting their time.

Peter was going mad and Kola was supporting. I asked them: ‘Is this the only way to solve this issue? If yes, then kill me and take the money.’ It’s only at that moment that he put the knife down.”

You can read more of Adebayor’s posts about his experiences away from football on his official Facebook page.


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