New York Red Bulls not interested in Fernando Cavenaghi

By John Hawthorne

Sports agent Ron Waxman recently took to twitter and heaved off his chest several things that he had to say about Fernando Cavenaghi. Fernando Cavenaghi is an Argentine striker that recently departed from River Plate, leaving the Argentine club as a legend.

Cavenaghi is tenth in the all-time list of River Plate goalscorers. The Argentine was also part of the squad that scooped up the 2015 Copa Libertadores and has plenty of experience at the top levels.

The former Bordeaux and Villarreal forward has won four caps for his Argentinian National team. However great a footballer Fernando is, he has unfortunately had several barren spells in clubs he has played for in Europe.

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That being said; however, several people have added how Cavenaghi has been a formidable player for Los Millonarios, collectively scoring over 100 goals, spread over three separate spells with the club.

The 31-year-old’s last stint with River Plate saw the Argentine player score 11 goals in the eighteen appearances he made for the club in 2015 – the first time the Argentine successfully made double-digit goals for one team in a season since his stint with La Banda during the 2011-2012 season.

The above statistics proves that Cavenaghi is a respected football player who has regained the form that won him respect a while back. As he waved goodbye to River Plate, most of the media witnessing his farewell highly speculated that Fernando Cavenaghi will be moving next to the MLS.

The Speculation That Never Came To Fruition

As much as the media frenzy reported that Fernando Cavenaghi will be making his premier in Major League Soccer (MLS), this was not to be. Come August 31, forums witnessed a surge in posts all claiming that Cavenaghi signed up with Cyprus-based side APOEL FC.

People started discussing how media reports about the move to the MLS side were just rumours to scare any European based club to throw in more money. However, Waxman went on platforms like Twitter and disagreed with the speculation.

Sports agent Ron Waxman expressed his disappointment with MLS sides as no club seemed interested in signing up the Argentine. However, punters agree that there is the simple reality of physics combined with a legal structure of a footballer’s contract.

For instance, Fernando Cavenaghi is required by law only to play in one league at any given time. However, it isn’t entirely clear why Cavenaghi’s absence from MLS is representative of the American soccer side problems.

So as it is evidently clear now, New York Red Bulls were not interested in signing Cavenaghi but that would mean that they have missed an opportunity to have a formidable player on their Roster. This may prove to be a wise choice to bide their time as so far have had a great season.

Several quality players are linked with moves to MLS as the league continues to expand, but the Red Bulls have missed out on the chance of signing this prolific forward.

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Waxman believes that Cavenaghi has made a reputation for himself and was capable of doing well in the American Soccer League.

Waxman states that there was no need of doubting the striker’s success in MLS since he is a well-known player who would have helped the team shift some merchandise.

Fernando Cavenaghi took his signing into the Cyprus club in good stride and promised to keep improving his game form and do wonders at his new posting. He is off to a great start, having scored three times in two league games so far.

This article was written by John Hawthorne. As a big fan of the EPL and MLS, John is always interested in seeing the results of European transfers to North America. Take a look at what John Has to say about this and other sporting news at


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