MLSGB reaction to New York Times publication

As many of our readers will be aware, MLSGB was featured in a New York Times article today regarding the English outlook on the ever-growing MLS.

We would like to just issue a few acknowledgements as the support we’ve received on social media highlight everything we stand for.

We recognise the growth of MLS and are doing all we can to help the league on either side of the Atlantic. The kind words we’ve received from so many fans prove that Major League Soccer has incredible supporters across the globe, all united in helping soccer to grow in the U.S. and Canada.

We’d like to thank the New York Times for all their work in producing this piece. Ken Belson, who wrote the article, was excellent company along with photographer Andrew. They deserve great credit for travelling to Canterbury on a cold Sunday night to enjoy MLS Decision Day with us!

But once again, it’s the fans who make the league so special. As Brits, we have an abundance of football/soccer to watch on a daily basis from across Europe. But MLS is special as far as we’re concerned. The league is taking huge strides year-by-year and is on its way to greatness.

Keep up your excellent support and MLS will continue to claim more admirers, hopefully on both sides of the pond!


Louis East – MLSGB Editor.

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Editor of Premier League and MLS reporter.

10 Comments on MLSGB reaction to New York Times publication

  1. Ian Fontaine // October 28, 2015 at 11:16 AM // Reply

    Came here because of the NYT article. Glad to see some support popping up over there.

    Just remember, there really is only one team to support. And that’s the yellow team from Columbus. We’re small, we’re not flashy, we’re built, not bought.

    But still…..great site. Glad to have found it.

  2. I’d love to see Columbus and Vancouver in the final. The chant “you can’t buy the cup this year” would be chanted by both groups of fans. Neither team throws money around like drunken sailors (Toronto) and both are solid.

    How many times has New England got to the final? 5? How many cups? ZERO!!!

  3. The NYT article was a great read! Happy to hear that the MLS is growing support outside of the US.

    Hope ya’ll enjoy the playoffs.


  4. This NYT piece was great! It’s so good to hear that football(soccer) fans from the UK are taking an interest in MLS! Keep up the good work. If you get a chance check out my soccer blog. Thanks!

  5. Stephen A. Henits // October 28, 2015 at 9:18 PM // Reply

    Here from the NYT article and will be here everyday…go Sporting Kansas City!

  6. Love to hear different perspectives about MLS from across the pond. Keep up the good work!

  7. Great Job Louie East , we love what you’re doing over in England.


  8. Another new reader who found this blog from the NYT. Awesome content! Adding to my feedbin.
    Torn as an MLS fan…grew up with the Red Bulls (then the MetroStars), spent lots of time in Revs territory, now live in Seattle. So I’m confused, but looking forward to some awesome games!

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