Inter Milan ‘desperate’ to bring in Andrea Pirlo on loan from NYCFC

Inter Milan are looking to bring Italian midfielder Andrea Pirlo back to Serie A just six months after leaving to join New York City FC in MLS, according to reports out of Italy.

Sport Mediaset claim Inter boss Roberto Mancini is desperate to bring Pirlo in on loan from January through to the start of the new MLS season in March.

Pirlo, who joined Inter as a 19-year-old in 1998, has said he is not looking for a loan move to fill his time during the MLS offseason as he would rather focus on his NYCFC commitments ahead of his first full season.

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“No, I do not think I will go to Europe, it would not be fair to my team,” he recently told Gazzetta dello Sport.

“All I’m thinking about is training this offseason for the 2016 campaign at New York.”

Inter Milan would not be the first Serie A side to look to MLS as a way of strengthening during the winter. Fierce rivals AC Milan twice loaned David Beckham from LA Galaxy in 2008 and 2009.

Pirlo joined New York City in July and went on to make 13 MLS appearances towards the end of the regular season. He will be disappointed not to have scored a goal but will look to improve in 2016 as the expansion franchise look to bounce back after not making the playoffs at the first attempt.

Should Andrea Pirlo consider a loan move to Inter Milan? How important will he be to NYCFC next season?


2 thoughts on “Inter Milan ‘desperate’ to bring in Andrea Pirlo on loan from NYCFC

  1. He is right. Staying with NYCFC is the best move in general, especially psychologically. Doing all the offseason work you would normally do with a club in Europe because there is no such thing as going on loan. Well at least if you are a star player. In the offseason in Europe you stay with your club and take part in preseason activities. I think he is trying to treat his experience in MLS as if he would be playing for a side in Europe. So even with the difference in when seasons start and end between the 2 regions and the ability and availability for players to go on loan after the MLS year is done he is choosing to stay put with the team. That is a sign of a player who is focused and the reason why Pirlo is one of the classiest and coolest customers around.

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