Portland Timbers’ MLS Cup success “hasn’t sunk it yet”

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Portland Timbers made history by winning a first ever MLS Cup title by beating Columbus Crew 2-1 at MAPFRE Stadium on Sunday night.

Portland head coach Caleb Porter admitted after the game that the team’s success had yet to fully register after a long but eventually successful season.

“It’s a great feeling, great feeling. All I could think about was sharing that moment with my players; we have been through a long season,” Porter said.

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“We have been together through highs and lows and they deserve all the credit, they are the ones playing the game inside of the lines and they had belief. I don’t think it has fully sunk in completely yet.”

The Timbers became the first team to win an MLS Cup championship away from home since the homefield advantage rule came into effect. They won more road games than anyone else in 2015 and extended that trend when it mattered most on Sunday.

Porter admitted that it wasn’t the smoothest of seasons but lauded the character of the Timbers team for the way that consistently battle.

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“A lot has been made of it not being smooth, but I think that is MLS. Every team goes through rough patches and that’s a big part of succeeding in this league. You have to survive and you have to keep the guys together and the locker room together.

“We haven’t always gone on long winning streaks, but when we do lose, we respond and get big wins and that’s what we did this year. Every time I think people thought that we were down and out, we pop up with a big result, the players deserve credit for that, that shows their character.”

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