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Hello and welcome to our new and updated website! It’s amazing to think that MLSGB is already more than two years old. We’ve grown an incredible amount in that short time and have seen MLS grow even more as two new franchises have joined the league and a whole host of international stars have moved stateside to help the league develop further.

MLSGB wouldn’t be where it is today without your continuous support. We’ve had over 1 million website visitors since forming in 2014 and want to thank each and every one of you who has been a part of our journey thus far. We want to see Major League Soccer reach its enormous potential, both here in the UK and in the US, and we have noticed that development take huge strides over the past couple of seasons. The future is certainly bright.

While we could sit here and look back over so many highlights, it seems more fitting to look forward. MLS will welcome its 21st franchise next season, with Atlanta United joining the league. Plans are also in place to see Los Angeles FC, Minnesota United FC and Miami take the total number of teams up to 24 so the league’s growth is showing no signs of slowing down, and nor are we.

Our new website is largely the same, in that we’ll be bringing you quality MLS and Premier League content on a regular basis as we help the British and American soccer communities continue to engage with one and other. You’ll notice a new logo design, which we would like to thank Graphic Designer Liam Foster for. He has done an incredible job in injecting a new lease of life into the MLSGB website and you’ll see plenty of his visuals across the site from this moment on. You can see more of his work here.

We wouldn’t be in the position we’re in without a whole host of contributors, who have helped to grow the league on both sides of the Atlantic. From MLSGB photographers, Denise McCooey and Ashley Marshall, to writers such as Ben Ashton, Zack Walford, Dave Lewis, Jamie Dawe and Keave Tollington, all of whom have helped our mission to grow MLS.

But we need to also say a special thanks to you, the fans. Football would be nothing without fans, and we can safely say that Major League Soccer has one of the most passionate and devoted fan bases in world football. So keep supporting, keep cheering and keep getting in touch on Twitter: @MLSGB_!


Louis East – MLSGB Editor.

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