$4 billion media rights offer laid out with MLS promotion/relegation clause

Major League Soccer has turned down a lucrative media rights offer, which would have forced MLS promotion/relegation to come into effect, according to Sports Business Daily.

League commissioner Don Garber has made it clear for a long time that he has no interest in MLS promotion/relegation. And he has once again proved that by rejecting $4 billion for a 10-year global media rights deal.

The offer was made last month by international media company MP & Silva. They made it clear to MLS that they would quadruple the league’s current media rights deal by offering $4 billion for the league’s global rights from 2023 to 2032.

But MLS were quick to dismiss the offer. The league’s current media deal with ESPN, Fox Sports and Univision runs for another six years. It’s far too early for the league to be agreeing a decade-long agreement for when the current deal ends.

And it’s also out of the question that MLS would risk the league’s future for a media rights deal that wouldn’t come into effect for six years. The league has a plan for long-term growth, and this offer won’t intervene.

‘No interest’ in MLS promotion/relegation proposal

“As Commissioner Garber stated in his letter to Mr. Silva, we are not in a position, nor are we interested in engaging with Mr. Silva on his proposal,” MLS executive vice president of communications Dan Courtemanche said.

As well as being the founding partner of MP & Silva, Riccardo Silva is also the president and co-owner of Miami FC. The NASL welcomed Miami just last year, following their formation in 2015. So it makes sense as to why Silva wants to try and essentially buy promotion/relegation for MLS.

But the league won’t budge on it’s stance on MLS promotion/relegation. Especially not for a deal so far away in the future.


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