How video games have influenced football

Quite a Crossover

It might be hard to believe, but video games have become so influential in the world that they have had an impact on nearly every industry, and football is no exception. The video game industry was estimated to be worth $108 billion in 2017, a number that is expected to grow to $128 billion by 2020. So it might not come as a surprise that it is completely changing the way society approaches entertainment.

One of the reasons that video games have had such a powerful impact is because technology continues to improve, which means that game developers can come out with increasingly complex, intricate, and outlandish games to keep entertaining. Games can also be more accurate. That is why games modeled after sports like football continue to get better, and even generate interest in football for new generations.

A Powerful Vehicle

Video games have particularly been responsible for the increased popularisation of European football in America. In recent years America has experienced a phenomenal growth of the sport’s popularity, and for quite some time, many could not figure out why. The middle class has especially become fond of the sport, as it is being played in suburban streets more than it may ever have been before.

Big eye-catching events like the World Cup have roped in millions of interested American fans. Even more so, the FIFA video game has hugely popularised the sport. Many Americans started to play this game for pure entertainment, having no knowledge of the sport, but after playing long enough they started to explore the sport itself.

The FIFA video game line is huge in America, so it is only natural that there would be some crossover and video game fans would be converted into football fans, and vice versa.

The Right Equipment

Another influential player in the rise of video game and consequently, football popularity is improving gaming equipment. As computers get more advanced and adept at processing information, game developers have a bigger and bigger playground to work on. Demand for stronger PC’s is driven primarily by the video game playing population.

That is why it has become so important for gamers to find the best gaming PCs. The growth of the hardware industry has had a profound effect on several marketplaces, and is as far-reaching as, yes you guessed it, the game of football itself.

Direct Influence

If you still aren’t convinced that video games have had a big impact on the way football is played, consider that some of the best players in the league are now training for their upcoming matches not just by hitting the field, but firing up their favourite gaming console as well.

That’s right, professional players use video games to practice. The football games are simulations of real players and their abilities, so playing against those players in-game gives an insight to their favourite formations and toolkits. This is how video games have now exerted a direct impact over the way football is played as a whole.

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