MLSGB is your UK home of MLS and the Premier League, bringing you news, analysis and insight into both leagues from a British perspective. Our aim has always been to increase the popularity of one of the world’s fastest growing leagues amongst British football enthusiasts, whilst giving US-based fans the chance to see how Major League Soccer is viewed from across the pond. The English Premier League is equally as big on both sides of the Atlantic and we will continue to embrace the growth of the beautiful game in both leagues.

The Team

We started in 2014, and still have four of our founding members helping to grow Major League Soccer to continue its rapid growth on either side of the Atlantic. Their work with MLSGB has been incredible since the website began and all four continue to dedicate time into helping MLS expand its reputation here in the UK.

Simon Pyne – Administrator

Simon is a sports enthusiast and entrepreneur who is interested in many American sports and is keen to help the team cover Major League Soccer’s rapid development across the globe.

Follow Simon on Twitter: @Simon_MLSGB

Louis East – Founding Editor

Louis is a digital sports content specialist, with exceptional knowledge of European football, the English Premier League and most importantly, MLS. When he’s not watching live games, he can often be founding burying his head in football statistics to try and make sense of the world’s most unpredictable sport.

Follow Louis on Twitter: @LouisEastSports

Lewis Addley – Social Media Manager and Sub-Editor

Lewis is a social media expert as well as a sports writer and he has contributed an enormous amout of time to helping MLSGB continue to grow in popularity, while also offering his expertise on both Major League Soccer and the English Premier League to our viewers. He is always exploring ways to bring you alternative angles on some of the game’s biggest stories.

Follow Lewis on Twitter: @Lewis_MLSGB

Jamie Ives – Writer and Communications Manager

Jamie has plenty of experience within football, from scouting to coaching and he is now focusing on the MLS revolution, offering analysis on players and teams alike. He firmly believes that sabermetrics have a strong role to play in the future of soccer and continues to dedicate time into this area to ensure he is at the forefront of that revolution as it unravels. 

Follow Jamie on Twitter: @Jamie_MLSGB

We wouldn’t be in the position we’re in without a whole host of contributors, who have helped to grow the league on both sides of the Atlantic. From MLSGB photographers, Denise McCooey and Ashley Marshall, to writers such as Ben Ashton, Zack Walford, Dave Lewis, Jamie Dawe and Keave Tollington, all of whom have helped our mission to grow MLS.

And we would also like to thank Graphic Designer Liam Foster for rebranding the MLSGB logo. He has done an incredible job in injecting a new lease of life into the MLSGB website and you’ll see plenty of his visuals across the site from this moment on. You can see more of his work here.


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