Zlatan Ibrahimovic drops biggest hint yet that he is on the way to MLS

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been heavily linked with a move to Major League Soccer on a number of occasions but a report from Swedish tabloid Sportsbladet has dropped the biggest hint yet that he will make the move this summer.

Ibrahimovic has scored 17 goals in 21 Ligue 1 games so far this season but has been frustrated at times and has been linked with a move away from Paris Saint-Germain before his contract expires in 2016.

Sportsbladet reported, from an anonymous source, that Ibrahimovic was at the US Embassy last month, applying for a US visa.

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“He was there on March 19 and applied,” it claimed. The report added that it was the sort of visa that would allow Ibrahimovic to stay for an indefinite period of time, rather than for a short visit.

Ibrahimovic is contracted to PSG for another 14 months but has highlighted he one day would like to play in MLS.

“I will really think about it because I find it very interesting to come over to America because my friend Thierry Henry [who has since retired] is playing there and he’s doing fantastic. And he talks a lot of positive about the Major League Soccer, so it’s an interesting thing if the opportunity is still there in two to three years,” he told Sports Illustrated last summer.

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The powerful Swedish striker has an impressive 316 club career goals in 569 games and has won 23 major trophies, including four Serie A league titles.

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A whole host of MLS sides will be interested in signing the former Barcelona star but a move this summer is unlikely as a sizeable transfer fee would still need to be offered to the French giants.

But by Ibrahimovic getting a US visa, he could well be preparing for life in MLS from the summer of 2016 onwards.

Is Zlatan Ibrahimovic on his way to MLS?


Manchester United legend claims European goal-machine what United need

Peter Schmeichel has claimed that Zlatan Ibrahimovic could be an ideal signing for Manchester United and believes the Paris Saint-Germain star could be one of the club’s great players were he to move to the Premier League.

“Last summer there were rumours that he would come to Manchester United. I said back then that Zlatan was built for the club, he was born to play.” Schmeichel said speaking to L’Equipe.

“What Zlatan does with PSG is quite incredible. “He gives PSG so much credibility and visibility.

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Schmeichel went on to compare Ibrahimovic to one of Manchester United’s greatest-ever strikers in Eric Cantona.

The former goalkeeping hero feels that the freedom given to players at United would suit the PSG striker and that his personality would help him to shine.

“Why was Cantona so strong when I was there and not that strong in Leeds or France? Because it’s Manchester United,” Schmeichel added.

“There’s this freedom given to players but also responsibilities. We don’t care what you like or who you are, we care about what you do on the pitch and the influence you have on the team. If you don’t respect that, you leave.

“There are hundreds of players who are trying to be a Beckham or a Cantona but do not have the personality, and they fail.”

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Ibrahimovic certainly possesses the qualities to play in the Premier League and his goal output doesn’t seem to be dropping despite the fact he is 33 now.

He has 23 goals in 30 games so far this season and an incredible 316 career goals in 569 games – a strike rate of a goal in every 1.8 matches.

With a year left to run on his Paris Saint-Germain contract he could still be a costly signing and whether or not Louis Van Gaal is likely to spend out on a 33 year old remains to be seen.

Do you think Zlatan Ibrahimovic could move to United? Would he be a success in the Premier League?

Could this be the year Zlatan Ibrahimovic makes the move to MLS?

There has been much talk about Zlatan Ibrahimovic one day moving across to MLS after his interview with SI.com last year, and Lewis Addley explores whether or not this summer could see him make the move…

We all know what a talent Zlatan Ibrahimovic is and he has proved to be one of Europe’s best strikers over the course of his career with every club he has played for and it could be a great move for Major League Soccer to have such a controversial figure join any side.

Ibrahimovic, now 33, has one year left to run on his contract with Paris Saint-Germain and has had a slightly quieter season this year compared to the last campaign but this is mainly due to the injury he sustained early in 2014.

Having missed such a large chunk of the season with his heel injury, Ibrahimovic has done well to have already notched 17 goals in 26 appearances.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic career goal stats

Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s goal scoring record for each of his teams

Paris Saint-Germain are still behind Lyon in Ligue 1 and failure to win the league this season could see Ibrahimovic’s attentions turn elsewhere.

At 33, it would be a good time to make the move to MLS but there would be a whole host of European clubs willing to sign the big man too were he to leave France at the end of the current season.

A host of Europe’s best talents will ply their trade in MLS this year, with recent additions Kaka, David Villa, Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard all joining for what will be the league’s biggest ever season.

Ibrahimovic still has just under 18 months remaining on his current PSG deal and so his services would not come cheap were he to move this summer, but with Zlatan openly hinting at the move it is a possibility in the near future.

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“If I ever get a chance to play in front of the Americans, I would try to do my best to convince them, show them the type of soccer they like to see,” he told the New York Times magazine last year.

The continual growth of MLS proves it can attract huge players to the league and this is a move many people would want to see happen.

Clubs may be a bit more hesitant than supporters due to his track record of proving tough to manage and his arrogance could be a stumbling block for some sides.

The Swedish forward’s vast range of talents would improve any side though and he offers a different dimension to the game, one we haven’t seen feature an awful lot in MLS.

For the time being we will have to wait and see what Ibrahimovic and his representatives do come the end of the season, but he is focused on the Paris Saint-Germain project for now.

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Having played with Thierry Henry at FC Barcelona, Ibrahimovic has a good connection into what life is like in MLS and his relationship with Henry could make the New York Red Bulls a possible destination.

Ibrahimovic also has a connection with the LA Galaxy, through fellow countryman Stefan Ishizaki, so there are clear options for an MLS move in the future.

His contract is up in the summer of 2016 and it is most likely that will be the time Zlatan Ibrahimovic makes his move stateside, if he was ever going to do it.

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Will MLS dare to Zlatan?

Sports Illustrated recently conducted an interview with Zlatan Ibrahimovic and he told the magazine that he would consider a move to MLS, which would surely be one of the biggest swansongs in MLS history.

Speaking to Sports Illustrated he pointed out that New York Red Bull’s designated player Thierry Henry was his reason he wanted to make the move to MLS.

“[Henry] talks a lot of positive about the Major League Soccer, so it’s an interesting thing if the opportunity is still there in two to three years.”

The Swedish captain who turns 33 in October this year has had a very colourful and successful career in Europe, beginning his career at club Malmo before embarking on his league career starting in Holland with Ajax. His impressive goalscoring record lead to a big money move to Juventus of Serie A.

Upon joining the Turin side, he won two titles, but these were revoked after Juventus were caught match fixing in 2006. He turned out for Inter Milan in the summer of 2006 winning three consecutive Serie A medals.

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Barcelona came calling in August 2009 and he spent a season in Spain winning La Liga, before a strained relationship with coach Pep Guardiola led to him returning to Italy with Milan for two years, one of which was on loan.

He then made his move to Paris St Germain where he has flourished, scoring 75 goals in 91 games, helping the club to two Ligue 1 titles and was within touching distance of the semi-final of the Champions League last season.

The interest in MLS for Ibrahimovic first began in December 2013 when he said he wanted to “boost his reputation” . Ibrahimovic has surprisingly not won a Ballon d’Or nor a Champions League medal, but that hasn’t stopped him showing the world how good a player the Swede is with his sensational scoring ability.

Ibrahimovic would certainly be a welcomed asset to any Major League Soccer team, with goals to his name and countless honours. To see him turn out in MLS would certainly be a treat for any fan of his.

Will Ibrahimovic make the move to MLS?