Is this Juventus legend set for MLS stint and future LAFC involvement?

Juventus legend, Alessandro Del Piero, has been talking up his change of lifestyle since moving to Los Angeles last August.

He attended the proposal for the Los Angeles FC stadium this week and ESPN reported his first interview since he has moved to LA.

Del Piero, 40, said he attended the proposal as a friend of some of the owners. His words are suggestive in potential future involvement in the club, but it will be more likely as a coach or member of staff given that he will turn 43 in LAFC’s proposed first season.

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“I went only as a friend because I know some of the owners. So we haven’t talked about a role for me. It’s been beautiful to see to the birth of the team in these months and to follow up close everything that’s happening since Chivas [USA] left. I didn’t want to miss the chance to see the launch of something as important as a new stadium.”

Del Piero, like many others, has realised the potential of growth in MLS and believes soccer is only on the up.

“They are bringing enthusiasm, jobs and great attention for Los Angeles. I believe Los Angeles will finally have two big teams and I’m convinced that soccer can still get much better in the U.S. and also in Los Angeles.”

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Del Piero’s former Juventus teammate Sebastian Giovinco moved to Toronto this season and has impressed in the early stages of his MLS career and big name players and definitely helping the league’s growth.

The quality of MLS is impressing the all-time leading Juventus appearance maker and goalscorer and he believes soccer is going from strength-to-strength. He is also impressed with how teams deal with the physical demands of MLS and believes the level of players, investment and attention is helping no-end.

“Very physical soccer, demanding because of the road trips, which are very long. There are high-quality players. I’m thinking of Kaka and David Villa, the latest to arrive, and obviously, the national team players, like Clint Dempsey, Michael Bradley and Jermaine Jones. I believe the level has improved a lot in recent years. The investments are paying off and the attention they are bringing to soccer [is] great. I’m optimistic about soccer in the U.S.”

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The four-time Champions League finalist has dropped a hint at a possible MLS swansong and is keeping himself in good shape as isn’t ready to hang up his boots just yet.

“I continue to work out. I follow a training program and stay in shape. There are friendlies to play in the coming months for charity and so, we’ll see. One thing is certain: In my heart I want to keep playing. We have to see if I can get the right situation. The options I have now are not right for me at this time. There are places in the world I could go, but there are other considerations, including family. So I apologise to people who are interested in me but maybe I’ll find the right situation in the next month or two. We’ll see.”

Del Piero’s comments are promising for those who are hoping he will have a stint in MLS and he has certainly dropped a hint that he will be involved with LAFC at some point.

Should Del Piero play a season in MLS and is it exciting that yet another legend wants to be involved in the fastest growing league in the world?