Robbie Keane hints MLS move has hindered his international career

Robbie Keane will turn 35 in July and is still turning out great performances for both club and country.

But the LA Galaxy striker has hinted his MLS move may not have helped his international career and believes he has himself to thank for still featuring for the Republic of Ireland.

Keane’s comments were reported by the Daily Star ahead of his countries’ drama-filled European qualifier against Poland last night as they equalised in stoppage time to grab a share of the spoils.

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“Has the Galaxy helped me? I’m not too sure. I think I’ve helped myself because of the way I keep myself and the hunger and the desire that I have.

“It’s okay having the ability, but if you don’t have the hunger and the desire, wanting to play and wanting to still be the best and wanting to still score goals, you’re not really going to do too much.”

The Galaxy skipper is more than happy to run himself into the ground before retiring and happy that he is still playing at the top level.

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“I still have that and I have always had it since I made my debut the first day, and nothing has changed since then.

“I’ll stop playing and stop scoring goals when literally I can hardly walk. That’s how much I love playing, it’s fairly simple.”

Has Robbie Keane’s career been hindered by moving to MLS with LA Galaxy?


Robbie Keane rules out Premier League loan move

Robbie Keane is arguably in the best form of his life. He picked up the Major League Soccer MVP Award a few weeks ago and fired the LA Galaxy to their record fifth MLS Cup title too. But he’s not looking to continue playing through the offseason.

The 34-year-old see’s himself playing for at least three more years and so he needs to keep himself fresh for the upcoming MLS season which gets underway in March.

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And so Keane has ruled out a return to the Premier League in a short-term loan spell this winter, he confirmed to the Irish Independent.

“I’ve been asked to go on loan by clubs, mostly in the Premier League, but it’s not going to happen,” said Keane.

“Medically, I’ve been advised to take a break. Two days after I came home from America last year, I had the operation on both of my Achilles and was back doing intensive training two days later. That’s 22 months without a break, so I need one now.

“After a few weeks off, I start to get the itch and I’ve got that now. I was playing five-a-side with my mates 10 days after the MLS Cup final. I feel the best I’ve felt for years.

“Our break [in MLS] is that little bit longer so I feel the temptation is there only because I love playing the game.

“Although that’s there, I just can’t see a loan happening, to be honest.”

The Irish striker will return to Ireland with the Galaxy in February to face Shamrock Rovers in a pre-season friendly and he feels he has plenty left in the tank

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Keane admits that he has not thought about retirement and believes he could play for another four years.

“I see myself playing for three or four more years, 100 percent, so I need to be honest with everyone that my future is beyond next year,” he added.

“And for me to concentrate on playing for Ireland, and focus on playing in the Euros, I have to look beyond then. I never said I was going to leave the Galaxy, but I need to see what’s best for myself in the long term.

“That’s the reason I was being honest, too much perhaps, but I don’t want to see myself going into the Euros year [in 2016] wondering what’s going to happen.”